2 Farmers’ Markets this weekend: Saturday 31st August, Godalming Crown Court and 1st September, Haslemere High Street

28 August 2019

Dear Customer

A choice of Markets this weekend. There is a new location for Godalming Farmers’ Market to Crown Court & the High Street

If you are going to Haslemere Farmers’ market, don’t forget you can order your veg box.

Valdi, the vegetable grower of the ‘Veg box’ scheme will be  harvesting vegetables for this Sunday’s market. You can order a £5 or £10 Veg box for collection at the 1st  September Haslemere market or 15th September

Milford Farmers’ Market. Please contact Joy and Vaidas on joy@surreyfarmersmarkets.org

Please remember to bring your reward cards. Do come and join us.


Hog's Back Brewery 07831 332289 Beer, lager and cider
SWT   Information and promotion
BNUTZ   Handmade nut butters
Bubble n Twist   Kordials for drinks
Cassie's Preserves   Jams, Marmelades,Chutneys and more
Bookham Harrison Farms   Sussex Charmer, Sussex Butter & other cheese
Södt   Danish bread abd treats
Lovingly Baked 07940 652611 Savories and cakes
Wright's Originals   Ginger cordials, cake and presrved ginger
Distillers of Surrey 07496 633322 7497 633322
Simon's Pies 079827 19621 Savoury Pies, scotch eggs all sorts of flavours
Lallapolosa Baking Company 078946 32949 Biscuits & Brownies
Mrs B's Bees 07581 383379 Honey and honey products
Harvey's Poultry 077336 94933 Turkey sausages
The Good Living Brew Company   Binary Ales 
PURE Chocolate  

Handmade Swedish Chocolates


Harvey's Poultry   Turkey Sausages, poultry
Inzho 07803 183980 Vegan scented candles
Bodkins 01932 348630 Fermented Foods
Södt 07595 625481 Danish Pastry Delicacies
RED H Distillery 01428  909091 Gins and spirits
Imbhams Farm Granary 07770 513497  Muesli, oatmeal, freshly milled flours, flapjacks
the Hungry Guest 07770 513497 Artisan bread
Haslemere Transition 01428 641241  Information/Recycling

When & Where

Godalming Market

Crown Court

28th September

Saturday 10.00am - 3.00pm

Haslemere Market

High Street

6th October

Sunday 10.00am - 1.30pm

Milford Market

Secrett's Farm Shop

20th October

Sunday 10.00am - 1.30pm

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